Monday, March 28, 2016

My life is filled with people who can't stop judging. No matter what you do or did, they're definitely there, to judge you. Decisions you made, decisions you regret, decisions you're glad of.
I don't usually quit on people, I quit on their negative vibes. You don't know how huge it affects you emotionally, and some times physically.
You can't just turn back time and undo things you wanted to. Even if you want it so bad that you are willing to give up anything in the whole world.

But decisions that I don't regret I made, why lah people bother to criticize?  You love vanilla ice cream but today you feel like eating aiskrim pisang, pun masalah to people (well of course real case is bigger than aiskrim pisang).

Why do you have to waste your time to belittle people? I don't gedit.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kalau aku kecewa dengan kau, kau mesti lagi kecewa dengan aku.
Kalau aku sedih dengan perangai kau, kau mesti sedih jugak dengan perangai aku.
Kalau kau ingat aku jenis yang mudah lupa, tak, aku belum boleh lupa.
Kalau kau sakit hati sebab ingat aku dah move on boleh huha huha sana sini, tak, aku masih lagi ingat semua bila datang malam. Setiap malam.

Terima kasih untuk banyak benda.
Salah satunya jadi orang yang tak pernah bersungut bawa aku kemana mana.

Terima kasih untuk banyak benda.
Salah satunya jadi tempat aku bergantung harap. Aku tak pernah lupa.

Terima kasih untuk banyak benda.
Salah satunya jadi kawan masa suka masa hiba.

Terima kasih untuk banyak benda.
Salah satunya jadi laki laki feveret Fibi. Mana mungkin aku lupa?

Terima kasih untuk banyak benda.
Salah satunya jadi orang yang sabar ajar aku bawa kereta.
Dan ya, sampai sekarang juga ada masa aku tertekan pedal minyak bila aku sepatutnya tekan pedal brek. Banyak kali sebenarnya.

Terima kasih untuk banyak benda,
Kau buat aku menyampah, gelak, kecewa, suka, kau buat aku rasa semua.
Di hujung semua tu, kau definitely boleh buat aku rasa tak guna.

Masalahnya awak, saya tak boleh lupa setiap apa yang awak kata.

**Bila datang hari yang boleh buat aku 'lepaskan' semua, aku akan sambut dengan pesta hari makan dessert dari tengahari sampai ke malam. Dan bila masa tu datang, tolong jangan lupa yang aku juga pernah sakit sebelumnya.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Past is a lesson.

I was chatting with a friend through wechat apps earlier this evening dayssss ago). We had this conversation, and then

it suddenly hit me,

That all these years, I was wrong at some point. I realized that I've missed out those that I should pay attention to since the beginning. Qualities of a person, just any person. Not that they don't have it. It was just, I was looking at different perspective. You can put it that way.

Maybe he was childish
Maybe he nagged all the time
Maybe he spent more time with his friends (which I think women always think that guy spends more time with his friends rather than spending the time with us, woman).
Maybe he did not pay enough attention

But we always forget that

He will always be there whenever in need
He helps his parents in any way when he's home or even just spending time with them
He spent some times with his siblings and treated them lunch/dinner/movies

He's a family guy.

Those qualities that we overlook. That I overlook.

It took my whole life to figure this out. But I'm glad that I finally get to this point. My regrets won't take me back to my pass. I'm sorry, for all I was. You were great, I finally come to realize it. And that costs me to lose someone I cared, someone who was once meant the world.

Hopefully I won't miss out of what's in front. :)

*** This time around, the feeling is more to being regret of my immaturity back then, rather than regretting "ahhh If only I realize this earlier I could still be with ^%$*#"